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Preserving Values Through Christian Dating

When it comes to matters of the heart, everyone, in spite of race, sexual preference or religion has the right to be pleased and find the one person that will make their life feel more complete. Since times are indeed changing and people are starting to get more and more forward, liberal views tend to win over how most people today reckon. Fortunately, there are still those who believe that the road to right like shouldn’t be so cheap or so simple. Slowly, the former silent minority are trying to promote better dating values.

1. Dating Tips :
- When a guy tells you that you are hot, politely remind him that God made you hot
- If a guy you just met or don’t really feel very comfortable with tries to hold your hand, just politely hand him your Bible instead
- When a guy tries to get close to you, tell him to be close with God
- If a guy offers to pay for everything, politely remind him that Jesus paid for a debt that he did not owe
- When a guy tries to place his arms around you, politely tell him that nobody can ever replace Jesus as the one who’ll always be closest to you

2. Place God Before Earthly Passions :
When it comes to earthly passions, having someone tell you they like you may be flattering but just smile. A proper gentleman should always know in his heart that he should never get mad with a proper Christian girl if she doesn’t agree with his sinful desires. When faced with such a lusty quandary, question him what Jesus would do. If all doesn’t go so well between you and him, you must admit to yourself that it simply wasn’t meant to be (at least, maybe not this time). If he persists, you may wish to dump him, but remind him that Jesus will always be with him.

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